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Their Forbidden Desire Book 1 The Incubi Series


Reality is a harsh friend, even for an Incubus.

Nate Sanders, a turned Incubus, finds that his life is shit. He was sent to Earth, many centuries ago, to seduce women in the hopes of filling the world with enough half-breeds to take it over.

Nate, after several years, decided enough was enough. Humans, once you got to know them, weren’t that bad.

Life for him has grown cold and lonely.


Reality is even harsher for a Human.

Melody Andrews is a shy and lonely twenty-seven year old. Her family is falling apart, her friends have deserted her, and she is running scared.

She had always dreamed of a life she knew could never be.

She has seen him, the unknown man, many times on the street. She had fantasized about him, craved his touch. She was too damn shy to say anything.

Life for her had grown cold and lonely.


Fate brings Melody and her stranger together, but will the ones who rule the Incubui world tear them apart? Will Nate be in time to save the woman he loves?


Hell on Earth will become a reality.


Who does the Author make it out to?

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