A Special 3-Part Interview--- Interview with Dr. Jay Winder, Invasion Trilogy

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Author Angela Fattig is mentioned by Author Jamie White on the Radio- Have a Listen


OMG, you HAVE to listen to this! Jamie White Pimped me on the radio!!!
I just lover her to death!  I am talked about at 31 minutes, but it’s a great broadcast for ALL Indy Authors. Have a listen!


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Question: Why did you choose to make your first book part of a Trilogy? Isn't that risky?


Short answer~~Yes and No.

Longer Answer~~ Hell yes it’s risky. But anything worth doing is worth doing right. When I finally decided to write my first book I knew I wanted to think outside the box. Before book 1 was complete, really it wasn't even started, I went in search of a Literary Agent. During my research I found one that had a Q/A tab, so I clicked it.

It read that a new unpublished Author should stick to the known, the easy. Do a simple romance novel. Do something safe. I questioned this. How am I, in endless pit of new authors, going to stand out if I do what everyone else is doing? Simple. I’m not.

No agent is going to choose my book over another if I don’t do something different. Something unique. Something that has not been done before. On top of that, I am a person that if told I can't do something I will do it and succeed.


Invasion Trilogy was born.

Invasion Trilogy starts as any Alien Invasion book would but with one difference. It has a biblical finish. But not just ANY biblical finish. It’s the kind of finish no other Author/Movie has done before.

So in the end yes it is risky. But if you truly want to succeed you will do what it takes. No matter what.


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